Claire Falknor

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Claire Falknor

Paul Manfre has helped me to become the athlete and person I am today. I have been working with Paul since I was in 8th grade. He has helped me with injury prevention, strength, and speed. He always prepares me for the season and puts me in the best shape. Not only has he made me physically fit, but he has taught me mental toughness and work ethic. Paul showed me what it takes to be a top athlete. I wouldn’t have received a scholarship to the University of Florida to play soccer without his guidance and help. I can go to Paul for anything. He understands the athlete’s perspective and struggle. I owe a lot of my success and accomplishments to Paul Manfre.

List of Accomplishments:

Starter and captain for the University of Florida soccer team

Iron Gator Award 2013 and 2014 season (set standard for other Players in Strength and Conditioning)

Defensive MVP 2014 season

Invited to U18 and U23 U.S. National camp

Invited to Four Nations Tournament in Norway with U23 National Team

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