Injury Bridge Program


Injury Bridge Program

Our bridge program is designed to successfully fill the gap between being cleared from physical therapy and being 100% ready to get back to playing the sport you love or successfully return to the workplace!

Injury Prevention Is Part Of All Programs

All programs at PowerAthlete (Adult and Athlete) include injury prevention training for shoulders, knees and lower back/core.

Estimates indicate that there are 200,000 ACL injuries alone in the United States each year. Estimated cost for treatment exceeds a billion dollars annually.

Female athletes are exposed to higher stresses at the knee joint due to the structure of their hips and knees in relation to male athletes. As a result, female athletes must make more effort to ensure that they can move in mechanically efficient ways. They also require an emphasis on developing their posterior chain (low back, glutes, and hamstrings) to help with stabilization of their knees.

Studies show the techniques to slow down, stop and land, when taught and practiced are as high as 80%-90% effective in reducing the chance of injuries. Across genders, injury prevention and increased performance are built on proper deceleration and landing techniques.

What to Expect

We have partnered with local orthopedic surgeons and physical therapists to provide the very best in return to sport and return to work services in the greater Dayton Area!


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“My daughter, Kenzie, transitioned from Beacon Orthopedics to PowerAthlete after being diagnosed with patellofemoral syndrome and a herniated disk in her lower back.  She was free of pain, but not ready to jump right back onto the soccer field.  We became part of PowerAthlete’s Bridge Program.

I was thoroughly impressed with Paul’s knowledge, his staff, and the environment that she would be working in.  They started her out with a full hour-long evaluation that consisted of several exercises that they documented and videotaped, so we as a family could see her deficiencies as well as track her progress throughout this journey. They did a complete analysis and determined right away that both of her injuries were directly related to weak hips, hamstrings and glute muscles which is a common thing in girls her age.

Paul and his staff designed a program specific to what she needed to strengthen and build those areas, as well as her core.  The staff at PowerAthlete made it a fun, yet very challenging environment.  She wanted to go, which made me happy as a parent. After about 10 sessions they videotaped her again doing the same exercises as she did in the evaluation. It was amazing to see her results after 5 short weeks! It literally brought me to tears.  She’s back on the field again faster and stronger than ever thanks to the Bridge Program.

Kenzie will continue to workout at PowerAthlete for many years to come.  I cannot say enough about what the staff at PowerAthlete does for these kids, not only as athletes, but for their “whole person.” The training is tough on them to make them better, yet encouraging every step of the way!  I would highly recommend this Bridge Program if you have an athlete trying to bridge the gap from injury to recovery.”

-Dawn G.


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